Five Ways to Keep Your Supplements Straight

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Five Ways to Keep Your Supplements Straight

You committed yourself to good health. And with that comes a regular routine of supplements. But sometimes, no matter how dedicated you feel, you just can’t remember to take them on schedule.

How to make sure you stay on track? Here are a few ideas that can help:

1. Set a reminder

Almost everyone has a smart phone these days, making it easy to set a daily alarm to take your pills. If you’re old school, write your dosing information on a paper calendar and leave a space for a check mark. Another idea: Download an app on your phone. Many will allow you to set reminders at certain times of the day, keep a history on whether or not you’ve taken your pills, and give you access to information about what you take, such as possible side effects and drug interactions.

2. In sight, in mind

If your pill bottles are tucked away in the medicine cabinet (the worst place they can be, by the way, as supplements stored in steamy bathrooms can quickly lose potency), you’re more likely to forget them. But if you keep the bottles in easy-to-spot places, you’ll remember. If you take something with breakfast, put the bottle near your coffee maker. Taking a multi every night before bed? Put the bottle on your nightstand. If you have children or pets, keep bottles sealed tightly and out of their reach. Or, store bottles safely away and put sticky notes up to remind yourself to take your supplements.

3. Use a pill organizer

Pill organizers typically allow you to organize up to a few week’s worth of pills in different compartments for each day of the week or even time of day. Pill organizers are particularly useful if you take multiple pills every day and at different times. Not only do they help you remember to take your supplements every day, they also prevent double dosing. Some high-tech versions even remind you when it’s time to take your supplements.

4. Combine with a specific meal or activity

Many supplements like a daily multi are best taken with food. By pairing these supplements with the same meal or snack every day, you will be far more likely to remember to take them. For example, take your daily multi every day at breakfast. You do eat breakfast every day, don’t you? If not, here is a post that may inspire this healthy habit.

Other supplements like Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg are best taken on an empty stomach. Combining these supplements with a daily self-care ritual to help trigger your memory, like before 10 minutes of morning meditation, right after your post-lunch walk, or before your nightly crossword puzzle.

5. Create a buddy system

Ask a friend or family member to send you a daily text or call you every night to make sure you remembered your supplements. Sometimes we need a little help from our friends.

Here’s one last tip: If you don’t want to worry about too many individual pills, our sustained release supplements can help lighten the load. By using a unique vegetable wax matrix, our sustained-release tablets are able to gradually release nutrients over a period of hours.

This is an especially good delivery system for a daily multi like Sustained Release ENDUR-VM® Multi-Vitamin & Mineral. Each daily serving delivers a high-potency formula with over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, including protective antioxidants, energizing B vitamins, vitamin D3, and trace minerals. And, it’s available with and without iron to meet the special needs of women of childbearing age (with iron) as well as men and postmenopausal women (without iron). All this in one, easy-to-swallow — and easy-to-remember — daily tablet.*

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