If You Overeat During the Holidays, Do This

If You Overeat During the Holidays, Do This

We’ve all been there. We’ve all overindulged on holiday dinners. It’s hard to not overeat when a feast is laid out before our eyes. Everything on the table looks delicious, and next thing you know, you’re in a daze and feel like you’re about to explode. 

When you overeat, your body sends more blood to your gut to help digest. Your heart rate might go up and you may start sweating. There might even be some bloating and gas. 

Here are some tips to take care of yourself when you overeat.

1. Be kind to yourself. First things first, don’t feel bad. Everyone overeats froom time to time. Feeling guilty doesn’t help you. It only makes you more likely to eat more to feel better, which, of course, only makes the problem worse.

2. Take a walk. Any movement will help loosen and move the food in your stomach so it can pass through your body quicker. Maybe suggest an after-dinner walk to your family.

3. Skip the bubbly drinks. The gas will contribute to you feeling bloated, so limit your carbonated drinks consumption.

4. Don’t take that nap. It’s so easy to just take a nap after you eat, but don’t do that. Sleeping right after eating can make you feel more bloated. Instead, try stretching or play some board games to stay awake and let your body digest the food.

5. Skip the dessert or share it with a friend. If you can’t resist the urge to skip dessert, consider sharing that slice of pie with someone at the table. 

6. Pepto-Bismol. A little bit of Pepto can be your friend when you have a stomach ache. 

For the next holiday meal, consider eating more slowly to help your body process food and have enough time to communicate with your brain when you’re getting full. Eating slowly will also help with digestion so you don’t feel so bloated afterward.