Soothe Upset Stomach This Season

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Soothe Upset Stomach This Season

The holidays are synonymous with overindulgence. Whether it’s too much travel, eggnog, or helpings of sweet potato pie, this time of the year is full of ways that can throw your digestive tract into a tailspin.

Why is this time so wrought with upset stomachs, heartburn, bloating and other ailments?

1.  Traveling. You’re moving through time zones, eating on the run, downing coffee to stay awake, and sampling new and different cuisine.

2.  Overindulging on food. Let’s face it. Holiday food is yummy. It’s tough to pass up seconds (or thirds) of grandma’s apple crisp. And piling it high on your plate seems to be a holiday tradition. After all, it’s the holidays is an oft-heard mantra.

3.  Choosing poor foods. Choosing calorie-rich (or nutrient-poor) foods and drinks at every turn. Like most people at holiday time, you’re probably not overindulging in carrots and seltzer water. This is the time for mashed potatoes and gravy, rich apple pie, and champagne.

4.  Stressing too much. Shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, extended family. Holiday time has no shortage of triggers. And there’s not a lot of downtime to give your stomach a breather.

But December doesn’t have to be complete torture for your tummy. There are plenty of things you can do to make your stomach smile.

Your holiday action plan for digestive comfort

Make smart choices. Many people indulge during the holidays because they think this is the only time they’ll get to have eggnog, marshmallow fluff sweet potato pie, cranberry gelatin mold, or whatever their favorite holiday food may be. But really, there’s no reason to binge. If you want more marshmallow fluff sweet potato pie next week, you can make more. Take one smallish portion of all your favorite foods, and enjoy them, guilt free. And load up the rest of your plate with vegetables and healthier fare.

Drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol. And water down your drinks. Instead of a glass of champagne, try a white wine spritzer with seltzer. With lots of ice. And drink water around the clock as much as possible to help keep yourself well-hydrated.

Avoid stress as much as possible. Sure some stress is inevitable. But if crowded malls cause you to shake in your shoes, shop on a weekday morning. If talking politics with Aunt Shirley makes you want to tear your hair out, talk about cat videos. And make sure you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night so you can make smart decisions—food and otherwise.

Move more. Relaxing in the couch after Christmas dinner is a surefire recipe for heartburn. Let gravity work to your advantage and take an after-dinner walk instead. Make a vow this holiday to get regular exercise. This will help keep your digestive system moving and help stress hormones move out of your body.

Nourish your stomach lining. ‘Tis the season for some targeted nutritional support for your stomach like PepZin-GI® Zinc-Carnosine. This dietary supplement features a unique form of zinc carnosine that works by nourishing the protective cells that line your stomach wall. It’s not only a gentle, drug-free choice, but it is backed by clinical research. No wonder it has been effectively supporting stomach health for decades.*

You may think that the holidays and upset stomach go together. But not necessarily. With some good planning and the right choices, you can enjoy your holiday tummy-trouble free.

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Endurance Products Company has been a trusted source of quality dietary supplements since 1978. Our sustained-release and extended-release tablets feature a unique vegetable wax matrix that releases nutrients in a slow, steady manner over a period of hours for optimal nutrient absorption and retention.

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