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Good Food Great Medicine Cookbook 3rd Edition by Mea and Miles Hassell, MD


An evidence-based guide to using the Mediterranean diet and your kitchen in the pursuit of optimal health! Just released 3rd Edition! Newly updated to include the latest dietary information form clinical studies.

Good Food Great Medicine is an evidence-based guide to using the mediterranean diet and your kitchen in the pursuit of optimal health, and by doing so, "make better use of food and your kitchen in the battle against type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer".  Learn how to shop and prepare meals that represent mediterranean cooking, which include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, lean meats and healthy fats.  Learn about nutritional supplements that can benefit those that are deficient due to the western diet from the new chapter on preventing and treating heart disease. 

This is a very durable, and handy to use cookbook with loose-leaf binding that is meant to be used in  the kitchen.  It is an exceptional gift for those loved ones who you want to enjoy optimal health and nutrition!

Miles Hassell, MD is board certified in internal medicine and is in private practice at Providence St. Vincent Hospical in Portland Oregon. He established the Integrative Medicine Program at Providence Cancer Center and is a clinical instructor in the training of internal medicine residents, twice recieving Teacher of the Year award as well as being included in Portland's Top Doctors. Dr. Hassell uses evidence-based nutrition and exercise options in his medical practice and lectures widley to physician groups regarding the use of exercise and food as medicine.

Mea Hassell has been a freelance journalist and cooking instructor for over twinty-five years in both Western Austrailia and the United States. She lives in Portland, Oregon and works with her brother Miles in his medical practice.