Healthy Digestion and Guts*

  • Omega-3 Phospholipid 500mg

    100% pure krill oil (Euphasia superba) in an immediate release softgel. Recent studies now demonstrate that not all Omega-3s are equal. Of the two primary sources of EPA and DHA; fish provide a triglyceride form, and krill provide a phospholipid form.Studies are showing that t...

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  • MegaNatural BP 150mg Grape Seed Extract

    MegaNatural – BP grape seed extract is a unique patent pending grape seed extract that is standardized to contain greater than 90% proanthocyanidins. This grape seed extract naturally increases blood vessel dilation, thereby promoting healthy blood flow and blood pressure alre...

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  • Pepzin-GI 75mg- Zinc-Carnosine

    PEPZIN-GI® is a complex of the mineral zinc and L-carnosine. When Zinc and L-carnosine are chemically joined, a unique nutrient is formed. This pH stable, insoluble molecule demonstrates a powerful range of bioactivity important to the gastrointestinal mucosa that is not seen ...

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