ENDUR-ACIN® 500mg Extended Release Niacin

ENDUR-ACIN® 500mg Extended Release Niacin

ENDUR-ACIN® 500mg Extended Release Niacin

ENDUR-ACIN® 500mg Extended Release Niacin

Extended Release Niacin

500mg - Endur-acin® (no prescription needed)

ENDUR-ACIN® 500mg Extended Release Niacin

$ 25.30 - $ 87.45

Our extended-release niacin uses a unique vegetable wax matrix to slowly release niacin over 6 - 8 hours. This helps to eliminate flushing and digestive discomfort that may occur with plain niacin while promoting heart health and cholesterol balance.*

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Benefits of Extended Release Niacin


Heart & Cholesterol Health*

Helps Eliminates Flushing

Gentle on the Stomach

How Our Extended Release Technology Works

Endur-acin® Description

ENDUR-ACIN® Extended Release Niacin is ideal for men and women interested in advanced nutritional support for heart health and cholesterol balance.*

ENDUR-ACIN® is drug-free and available without a prescription.
ENDUR-ACIN® provides nicotinic acid – the only form of niacin shown to support heart health and lipid metabolism.*

ENDUR-ACIN® is backed by clinical research and may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range.* “Flush-free” forms of niacin may reduce flushing, but these forms have not been clinically shown to benefit heart health.

What Makes Our Extended Release Better?

Our proprietary vegetable-based wax matrix delivery system ensures a gradual, measured release of nicotinic acid over a 6 to 8 hour period.

No More Flushing

Our extended release wax matrix niacin design prevents skin flushing that can occur with regular immediate-release forms by ensuring extended release over 6-8 hours.*

Decrease Stomach Discomfort

Extended release niacin ENDUR-ACIN® also helps to promote digestive comfort.


Does not contain:

Meat, Fish, Shellfish

Peanut & Tree Nuts

Egg & Dairy

Sugar & Salt

Wheat &Gluten

How do you take it?

As a dietary supplement for adults, take one tablet daily with food. Do not exceed one tablet daily without consulting a physician.

How does it work?
What can you expect?
Are there any precautions?
What product quality control tests are performed?

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