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  • ENDUR-FLEX Glucosamine 500mg/Chondroitin 200mg

    Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been studied in over 100 clinical trials and have been shown to be safe and effective in reducing the normal wear and tear on joints from day to day activity. The recent LEGS study again confirms that the combination helped maintain normal join...

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  • Endur-VM Multi-Vitamin without Iron

    This once daily sustained release vitamin  provides a continuous release of vitamins and minerals over an extended period of time for effective absorption. A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet consisting of a wide variety of foods, rich in whole grains, fruits, and veg...

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  • L-Arginine 350mg Sustained Release

    L-Arginine has been shown to support healthy endothelial function* and improve arterial blood flow.Sustained release L-arginine promotes healthy blood pressure already within normal limits* at lower and less frequent doses. L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid which has b...

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  • Mixed Tocotrienols (120 Softgels) Quick Release

    EP Mixed Tocotrienols are 100% natural and sourced from sustainably harvested Red Palm oil. Tocomin® Supra-Bio is a unique formulation being used in a multitude of clinical studies as a result of its superior absorption profile. Studies of Tocomin® Supra-Bio are demonstrating ...

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  • Omega-3 Phospholipid 500mg

    100% pure krill oil (Euphasia superba) in an immediate release softgel. Recent studies now demonstrate that not all Omega-3s are equal. Of the two primary sources of EPA and DHA; fish provide a triglyceride form, and krill provide a phospholipid form.Studies are showing that t...

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  • Phytosterols 450mg Plant Sterols

    Excellent for promoting healthy cholesterol. These Phytosterols (plant sterols) are in position to affect dietary cholesterol absorption minutes after taking the tablets. In addition, the FDA has approved a health claim for the relationship between diets that include plant ste...

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