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A trusted source of quality dietary supplements since 1978, we specialize in sustained-release and extended-release tablets that feature a unique vegetable wax matrix for optimal absorption and retention.

Who We Are

It all started with a simple idea. Terry Hammerschmidt, the technical director and formulator for a regional pharmaceutical company, wanted to develop sustained release dietary supplements so that consumers would be getting all they were paying for. If a supplement company could deliver a truly superior quality product – and had a method of release that mimicked actual digestion – consumers would continue to come back.

How We’re Different

Making A Better Sustained Release Tablet 

Ordinary capsule formulations often miss the mark. Many use time-release beadlet delivery systems, which can be fickle. Each active ingredient beadlet is covered with a core made up of inert ingredients of varying thickness. Ideally, the beadlets dissolve at different rates, thereby releasing the active ingredient steadily over time.

In reality, after the capsule bursts in the stomach, the large beadlets remain there for about one to three hours as the outer shell dissolves, but the smaller ones dump into the intestine immediately. One problem is that the beadlets can get caught in the small intestine. Another problem is manufacturers can “cheat” and make products with more of the bigger beadlets to cut costs, resulting in a product that doesn’t release active ingredients properly.

By contrast, our sustained release and extended release wax matrix tablet delivery mimics food digestion by releasing nutrients in a slow and steady manner for optimal absorption into the bloodstream and retention in the body.

This innovative process starts with a wax matrix derived from natural vegetable sources. The nature of the matrix allows nutrients to be evenly embedded throughout the tablet structure. The nutrient-matrix blend is then compressed into tablets using a special cold-extrusion process (a jumble of words which basically mean putting an object through a machine to get it into a certain shape).

This process is not only free of heat but is also free of moisture and solvents, which further protects the stability of our product. Thanks to this proprietary process, a coating solution (which typically contains sugar, starch, artificial colors or other undesirable ingredients) is unnecessary.

The result is a clean tablet with a uniform, controlled release of nutrients. It's an advanced delivery technology that university researchers, healthcare professionals, and consumers alike have been relying on for decades to meet nutritional needs. As with all Endurance products, the entire manufacturing process– from raw materials to finished tablet – meets strict current Good Manufacturing Practices.

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