10 Mind-blowing Revelations from 2021

10 Mind-blowing Revelations from 2021

Every year, we learn about breakthroughs in science and healthcare as well as lifestyle changes that can help us live longer, healthier lives.

This year’s revelations range from leading-edge preventative medicine to foods and home techniques that help us feel happier and healthier!

Read on for the most eye-opening revelations of the year.

Insights about Our Bodies, Health, and Disease Prevention

Individualized health care, advanced testing, and simple lifestyle adjustments can help us be healthier and live longer. Something as simple as eating more greens or adding a breathing technique to the daily routine can greatly improve how we feel. Working with cutting-edge health care providers can also provide astonishing insights about what our bodies need. See if one of these 10 revelations can help you live your best life!

1. You can boost your mood with foods. Nutrients are so critical to your mental health that researchers created an anti-depression food score system. See which foods boost your mood here: https://www.endur.com/blogs/blog/feeling-down-try-these-proven-antidepressant-foods

2. Lack of sleep is considered a major worldwide health crisis. Sleep deprivation (less than 7-9 hours a night) and fragmented sleep demolishes your immune system, doubles your risk of cancer, quadruples your risk of stroke, and contributes to all major psychiatric conditions! Improve your sleep and health with these tips: https://www.endur.com/blogs/blog/how-to-sleep-better-for-vast-benefits

3. Regular, moderate exercise reduces age-related inflammation in people over 64 years old. This is great news! But knowing your exercising “sweet spot” is vital when boosting your immune system with exercise. Overexercising and skipping rest days can backfire good intentions and lead to chronic inflammation. Get help finding your sweet spot: https://www.endur.com/blogs/blog/10-tips-for-exercising-to-reduce-inflammation

4. You can teach your nervous system to stay relaxed, even in the most stressful times! Learn to calm your nervous system with simple breathing techniques like these: https://www.endur.com/blogs/blog/deep-breathing-exercises-for-stress-management

5. Oral health is pivotal for a long, healthy life. Yet over half of Americans over age 30 have periodontal disease. A simple saliva test can determine if you have high-risk bacteria in your mouth linked to serious health problems like heart disease. Learn more about this inexpensive testing: https://www.endur.com/blogs/blog/why-oral-health-is-pivotal-for-a-healthy-long-life

6. Mouth breathing in children and adults has frightening health repercussions. Facial deformations, sleep apnea, increased periodontal disease, and other serious health issues are linked to mouth breathing! However, you can retrain your breathing at home. Instructions inside: https://www.endur.com/blogs/blog/8-scary-consequences-of-mouth-breathing

7. Genetic testing is key to individualized healthcare and disease prevention. Leading-edge doctors use your DNA to create individualized, science-based care. Learn how genetic testing is helping people prevent cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes 2, and other chronic diseases. https://www.endur.com/blogs/blog/preventing-heart-disease-with-genetics-and-advanced-testing

8. You can test yourself for chronic inflammation with a simple, at-home test. Chronic inflammation triggers and contributes to a list of disorders including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, digestive diseases, and autoimmune diseases. This urine test measures chronic inflammation and the effects of therapeutic measures to lower it. How it works and where to get it: https://www.endur.com/blogs/blog/what-chronic-inflammation-says-about-your-health

9. Specific nutrients trick your body into not absorbing cholesterol. Adding these nutrients to your diet tells your body it has plenty of cholesterol, thus keeping it from absorbing more. See a doctor’s recommended diet for keeping cholesterol levels healthy with food: https://www.endur.com/blogs/blog/i-have-high-cholesterol-now-what

10. You can substantially lower your risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Head injuries, hearing loss, poor sleep, and alcohol consumption are major contributors of dementia. Learn how to lower your risks and get a free memory screening here: https://www.endur.com/blogs/blog/9-ways-to-reduce-your-risk-of-alzheimer-s-disease

We hope these insights help you feel great daily and stay healthy!