43 Amazing Home Workouts at Our Fingertips

43 Amazing Home Workouts at Our Fingertips

Most of us have a common health goal – to get in better shape. How do we know? We asked and 75% of you say it’s your top priority.

So, what stops us? The most common reasons people say they don’t workout are lack of time, lack of money for a gym, too uncoordinated or embarrassed, weather’s not good, too tired, or boredom.

Thanks to the pandemic, most of those common barriers to exercise are resolved. To help people stay fit – and sane – a myriad of companies and trainers created online workouts, which are available at your convenience, free of charge.

Plus, most trainers offer ways to substitute home items for equipment, keeping workout costs low. For example, one trainer swaps a laundry bag for a kettle bell. Workout not strenuous enough? Add more laundry.

Setting SMART Goals

To get started, you really only need a goal, some space, and some time. If lack of time keeps you from exercising, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that almost all the 43 online workouts we’re sharing from are short (under 12 minutes!)

Be realistic about your goals and make them SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Check out this article to learn how to set SMART goals. Think about your personal barriers and set goals accordingly. If you bore easily, consider a goal to try three different types of workouts over the next two weeks.

Home workouts often offer equipment substitutions with home items

Variety Is the Spice of Life

With your goal in mind and time set aside, move the coffee table and check out this collection of 43 home workouts. It includes full body workouts, strength training, resistance band routines, flexibility exercises, yoga, circuits, and targeted workouts for specific areas. Try something new! Remember, nobody’s watching (except your pets and they love you unconditionally.)

As you explore, try not to make assumptions. You might find the ballet-inspired core workout on the list tougher than the full-body boxing routine! And you’ll never look at a pillow the same after trying the “ab workout with a pillow.” It’s rigorous and led by a world kickboxing champion.

When you’re done sweating, this collection also offers breathing exercises, a sound bath, and meditation for your cool down and mental health. If you missed our recent article on meditation, you can learn more about this potent way to improve your health here.

Home workout collections are easy to find

Thousands of Free Workouts Online

If nothing in this collection interests you, no worries! It’s only one list from one provider. The point is that most of our exercising excuses are perceived. Health magazines offer QR codes linking to workouts every month. YouTube offers innumerable free workouts, including routines for people with physical limitations, pregnant women, and people recovering from surgery. Likewise, you’ll find dozens of workout apps catered to specific needs.

Home workouts offer an inexpensive way to experiment with exercise with no audience. You may gain the confidence needed to take a class or workout in the park. Or you may decide that new walking routes are enough variety. Regardless, what matters most is knowing we have thousands of home workout options at our fingertips! Excuses begone. Let’s get in better shape.