Everything You Need to Know About Gut Health

Everything You Need to Know About Gut Health


Gut health affects nearly every aspect of our well-being, possibly every aspect. Research continues to show the huge role gut health plays in mental health, memory, sports performance, disease progression, cancer recovery, and more.

But do you fully understand what’s going on in that world within you?

In this video, Naturopathic Doctor Kat Bodden, owner of Sea Change Medicine in Portland, Oregon, explains:

  • What the gut microbiome does.
  • Things that affect our microbiome.
  • The full process of digestion and how we may disrupt it.
  • Digestive symptoms that can suggest gut microflora imbalance.
  • How depression and anxiety can be caused by poor gut health.
  • What leaky gut is and how it affects the body.
  • How zinc carnosine can protect the gut.
  • Why we need probiotics and prebiotics.
  • The importance of high fiber foods for colon health and the gut microbiome.
  • Tips that can help us have optimal gut health.


We hope this deep dive into gut health helps understand its importance and make changes if needed. If you have concerns about your gut health, book a free consultation with Dr. Bodden here. She also has a free mini-course to help you reduce inflammation and heal your gut on her site.