Pantethine’s Pivotal Role in Your Body

Pantethine’s Pivotal Role in Your Body

Pantethine, an active form of vitamin B5, supports healthy cholesterol levels, lipid metabolism, and liver health. Pantesin® is a high-quality, branded form of Pantethine that has been well researched and recommended by Japanese physicians for over 40 years (and US doctors for over 20.)

In this article, we’ll look at the role this highly absorbable form of pantethine plays in promoting heart health, supporting healthy cholesterol, and energizing cellular metabolism.

Lipid Balance is Crucial to Heart Health

Lipids are fat-like substances in your blood and body tissues. Blood lipids, including cholesterol, are necessary for our bodies to function normally. Our livers make all the cholesterol we need to be healthy! But you probably know that high levels of some types of lipids greatly increase the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

It’s important to maintain a healthy balance of low-density lipoproteins (LDL), high-density lipoproteins (HDL), and triglycerides. Too much LDL or “bad cholesterol” can cause buildups and blockages in your arteries. High triglycerides levels can also contribute to thickening of the artery walls and hardening of the arteries. HDL or “good cholesterol” are denser, faster traveling lipids that carry fat molecules to the liver to be flushed from the body, so higher levels are ideal.

Pantethine’s Important Role in Cellular Metabolism

Pantethine provides a key building block for Coenzyme A (CoA), your body’s most active metabolic enzyme. CoA is in your blood and the tissues of every organ because they all use it. The body continually uses this coenzyme to convert food, air, and other materials into energy. CoA facilitates over 100 chemical reactions in our bodies!

CoA is vital to carbohydrate, lipid, and amino acid metabolism. It also helps the body break down fatty acids, a process essential to balanced cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and blood lipid levels. Pantethine by Pantesin® supports healthy cholesterol balance by helping lower LDL levels while raising LDL levels.

Additionally, CoA activates enzymes needed to produce hormones, hemoglobin, and other bioactive compounds. It activates enzymes that help the liver remove toxins from the body. Plus, CoA helps convert choline into acetylcholine, a biochemical messenger for nerve cell communication.

How Much Vitamin B5 Do We Need?

Since CoA plays such pivotal roles in the body, vitamin B5 is an essential nutrient. Vitamin B5 is found in many foods and added to others. We absorb about half of the B5 we eat, according to the National Institute of Health. It’s recommended that adults and teens eat 4-7 mg a day; children 3-5 mg depending on age.

Because Pantethine by Pantesin® is easy to absorb and sustained release, it provides nutritional support for heart health, cholesterol balance, and liver function over five to seven hours.

You should avoid taking Pantethine while on certain medications, so please talk to your health care provider to see if it’s right for you.

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