About Endurance Products Company

Endurance Products Company provides targeted dietary supplements, including Endur-acinPhytosterols, and Pantethine. Our other products help maintain healthy blood pressure, protect the body against free radical damage, and promote optimal nutrition and healthy aging.

Ordinary formulations may miss the mark. Sustained Release wax matrix tablets provide continuous consistent delivery of vitamins or minerals into the bloodstream. This helps prolong the lifecycle of vitamins and minerals in the body, optimizing the chances to provide their intended benefits. This is especially true for the water-soluble vitamins (Endur-C®, Endur-B®, Endur-VM® and Pantethine), which can be easily flushed out of the body. Endurance Products’ proprietary wax matrix sustained release technology is now available with glucosamine and chondroitin (Endur-Flex®), which can be taken twice a day instead of the usual three times per day – without increasing your daily dosage!

Plain Niacin’s unique delivery helps lessen or even eliminate the niacin flush while preserving the beneficial effects on healthy cholesterol of an immediate release tablet.

For your pets, Endurance offers, chewable vitamin and mineral tablets (Nutri-Treats® for Dogs and Nutri-Treats® for Cats), helping your beloved companions get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and active.


Endurance Products Company

Endurance Products Company is an exclusive marketing affiliate of Innovite, Inc.

Since 1976 Innovite has been a custom bulk manufacturer of nutritional supplements, specializing in advanced tabletting technology. One area of concentrated effort has been the development of effective controlled release delivery systems.

Innovite has developed a novel process for impregnating a matrix (vegetable source) with active ingredients. This material is then compressed into tablets having uniform, continuous release rates. This proprietary process uses a cold-extrusion technique that extends stability profiles by eliminating heat, moisture and solvents.

The manufacturing process – from receipt of raw materials to shipment of the finished dosage form – is consistent with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).

Endurance Products Company (EPC) was established to market and distribute a line of premium supplements. EPC has grown steadily on the strength of recommendations by medical professionals and word-of-mouth because we sell products that have clinically studied dissolution and kinetics and offer a definitive improvement in quality or efficacy.

Although Endur-acin can be found in some pharmacies, our complete product line is available here on our site, or by mailed/faxed order form. All products are fully guaranteed.