9 Kitchen Gadgets that May Change Your Life

9 Kitchen Gadgets that May Change Your Life

Eating healthy is much easier if you have the right ingredients on hand as well as the right tools to make delicious, nutrient-dense food.

This article features kitchen gadgets so pivotal to healthy cooking, they may change your life!

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Best Tools for Healthy Eating

Cooking at home has many benefits, including cost savings, avoiding food allergens, and limiting ingredients like sugar and salt that are often overused in prepared food. It’s also a great way for families to connect and teach children how to make yummy, healthy food.

Whether you cook at home often or are curbing a restaurant delivery habit, these kitchen gadgets are game changers! See what they can do for your meals.

Cut fat, not flavor, with an air fryer

Air Fryer – Some dishes just need that crunch! But we all know that fried foods are not good for us … unless we’re using an air fryer. This device not only makes amazing sweet potato fries, it transforms everything from veggies to dessert with 70-80% less fat and less cooking time. Need convincing? Check out these 75 air fryer recipes!

Spiralizer – Heard of zoodles? Substituting fresh veggie noodles for grain noodles is easy and fun if you have a spiralizer. The perfect one for you depends on your cooking plans and storage space. For example, while they all made zoodles, some don’t make ribbons. See the top picks top picks of spiralizer machines and handhelds in this article.

Slow Cooker – When you want dinner ready and waiting for you at the end of the day, a slow cooker delivers! Soups, stews, poached salmon, even spaghetti squash cook without pan-hovering or the kitchen overheating when you use a slow cooker. Like the many kitchen gadgets, slow cookers come in many sizes and varieties. Sizes, settings, and features vary greatly. See different varieties here to pick which is best for your family.

High-Powered Blender – Even if you don’t love smoothies (who doesn’t?!) a high-powered blender is a must for soups, sauces, and ice cream so healthy you can eat it for breakfast. Again, consider your counter and/or storage space and your budget while you shop. A $600 blender may be warrantied for a decade, but it’s not a good choice if it wipes out your grocery budget.

Immersion blenders rival stand-up blenders

Immersion Blender – Believe it or not, this mighty device can blend almost everything a stand-up blender can, and it requires no counter space. Cordless, rechargeable versions are ideal for traveling, camping, and small living spaces.

Food processor – Lots of people cringe when they think about food prep. For some, chopping is meditative. For others, just thinking about chopping leads to recipe abandonment! Let a food processor, large or small, do the chopping and shredding for you. In addition, you can use this gadget to make flour, grind meat, and so much more.

Produce Saver – You have great eating habits and a fridge full of fruits and vegetables … if they didn’t spoil between grocery pick up and today’s meal. It’s so frustrating to see organic produce go to waste! Produce food saver bags are one option to save your greens, both edible and paper. Another is the BluApple, which neutralizes ethylene gas to slow the ripening process. Fruits and veggies produce ethylene as they ripen and after they’re picked – more if they’re cut or bruised. With this little apple in the drawer, you can make your greens last longer!

Zester – You may think a microplane zester is just for citrus, but it’s much more versatile. A zester is fantastic for grating spices like nutmeg and roots like grating ginger, garlic, and horseradish, and for shredding coconut It’s the perfect tool for adding a dash of chocolate, hard cheese, or truffle to a dish.

A cast iron grill pan delivers char and grill marks year-round

Cast Iron Grill Pan – Grill lovers will tell you that almost everything tastes better grilled. But that doesn’t mean we plan to stand outside in the dark, rain, and snow all winter to get the charred taste and pretty grill marks. With a cast-iron grill pan, you can get those marks and that smoky taste – no headlamp or galoshes required.

These nine kitchen gadgets may change your life, or at least level up your home cooking game. If you have a unique use for one of them, we’d love to hear about it! Please share your creations on our InstagramFacebook, or Twitter pages.