Live Longer and Better in 2019

Live Well

Live Longer and Better in 2019

The fountain of youth … something we all want, yes? Staying younger may be easier than you think. With just a few tweaks of your diet and lifestyle, you could live longer and look and feel younger while doing it! 

How? Read on …

1. Stand up

Sounds so simple, but standing, as opposed to sitting, can add years to your life. British researchers determined that every hour of sitting knocks off almost 22 minutes of your life.1 While it may not sound like much, over time it adds up. If you spend an average of six hours a day binge-watching Netflix, you’ll live about five fewer years than someone who’s up and about throughout the day. And, if you sit for prolonged periods, you’ll want to review these lifestyle tips to promote optimal blood flow, including the oh-so-simple habit of adding ENDUR-C® 500mg or ENDUR-C® 1000mg to your daily routine.*

 A few ideas to get you up and moving:

  • Set a timer to go off every half hour and do some leg lifts.
  • Meet friends for a walk instead of coffee.
  • Pace during every phone call.

2. Eat more berries

Berries are rich in antioxidants, which fight the damage free radicals can cause to the skin at a cellular level. Berries are also chock full of vitamin C, which helps produce collagen. Collagen, the most abundant protein in the skin, gives skin strength and structure and maintains its elasticity. In one study, researchers analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and found that women with higher C intake from foods had skin that looked younger.2 (Your daily ENDUR-C® habit helps here too!)

 To get more berries on your plate:

  • Layer fresh or frozen strawberries with low-fat plain yogurt for a berry parfait.
  • Keep dried, unsweetened cranberries in a zip-top bag in your desk drawer for an afternoon snack.
  • Puree fresh or frozen blueberries to add a sweet sauce to chicken or fish.

3. Add strength training to your routine

Walking is great. Walking and doing a strength training routine? Even better. And it may help you live longer. A recent Australian study of over 80,000 adults found that doing both has serious longevity benefits. Those who engaged in both strength training (as little as twice a week) and aerobic exercise routines reduced their risk of death from all causes by almost 30 percent … almost double that for people who only engaged in aerobic exercise.3

Some ideas to get you started on strength training: 

  • Use the machines, which tend to be easier for beginners to manage.
  • Take a class. Exercising in a supervised environment can help insure you’ve got the correct form.
  • Start with two days a week, choosing exercises that work all the muscles in your body.

4. Eat more fatty fish

Cold water, fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and anchovies are some of the richest food sources of key omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. Supplementing with Omega 3 Phospholipids 500 mg provides dietary insurance to help fill any nutrient gaps. Increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids from foods or supplements helps balance the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, which in turn may help promote joint comfort. So whether you’re lifting bags of groceries out of the car or swinging a 9 iron, you’ll likely feel younger while you’re doing it.*

Omega-3 fatty acids may also play a critical role in memory as we age. Researchers at the University of Illinois report that the proper balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the blood is linked with the integrity of brain white matter and memory.4

To add more fish into your day:

  • Add canned light tuna into pasta or salads.
  • Swap out a hamburger for a salmon patty.
  • Put some lox on a slice of whole wheat toast in the morning.

5. Stress less

Sometimes life seems like a constant barrage of emails, traffic jams, and noisy neighbors, keeping our adrenaline and cortisol dialed up to 11 round the clock. This can take a toll on our emotional and physical health, and age us before our time.

To turn the stress dial down to a manageable level: 

  • Practice some sort of stress reliever. Whether meditation, yoga, or guided relaxation, do something every day.
  • Keep a journal to pinpoint your biggest stressors. Then focus on eliminating them.
  • Exercise daily. It can be a fantastic stress reliever and help release feel-good endorphins. Here are a few tips to get started

 You may not be able to turn back the clock. But you can feel like it!

About Endurance Products Company

Endurance Products Company has been a trusted source of quality dietary supplements since 1978. Our sustained-release and extended-release tablets feature a unique vegetable wax matrix that releases nutrients in a slow, steady manner over a period of hours for optimal nutrient absorption and retention.


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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